Unleash Your
Greatest Potential
For Executive Teams & Career Professionals

with leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

“For years I’ve known that hiring a leadership coach was the next step in my career, and Lynsey was exactly what I needed. She gave me the accountability & safe space to explore key areas of growth in both my professional AND personal life.”

— C-Suite executive based In Houston, TX

Private 1:1 coaching

As a leadership coach, I work with ambitious professionals who have done incredible things in their careers, but are starting to feel less effective (and a little overwhelmed.)

You’re absolutely in the right place if you’re looking to get these results…

Know your way forward with leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

clarify your priorities

Realign your life & career trajectory to better suit your ideal values & direction.

Company communication and training is a key part of Lynsey's strategic planning process

communicate effectively

Communicate skillfully, using strategies to lead your team & connect with colleagues.

Set strong boundaries with the help of leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

set strong boundaries

Confidently establish and maintain boundaries, both at work and at home.

Build stronger leadership skills with with the help of leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

Build leadership skills

Practice the executive & leadership skills needed to quickly advance your career.

“I got the results I was after with Lynsey as my leadership coach in half the time I expected.”

— Regional Manager BASED IN CLEVELAND, OH

Ready to get your edge back, feel in control again, and see new levels of success?

6 Strategies to Build Powerful Workplace Relationships

Learn my IMPACT Formula to communicate with confidence & clarity: created especially for women leaders navigating corporate teams.
strategic planning & team building

I help organizations build better teams, redefine core values, and accelerate their growth in the process.

I partner with leaders & executives in small to midsize companies to get real results fast…

Achieve a higher competitive value for your company with the help of leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

Higher competitive value

Connect with your core mission and redefine how you can better serve your audience.

clear systems

Streamline your processes and improve employee satisfaction across all levels.

Focus Planning

Know exactly who you’re serving and which metrics need to be measured.

Become an empowered leader with leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

Leadership Empowerment

Train leadership skills to be cascaded throughout the organization creating the culture you desire.

Need a leadership coach to take your organization to the next level?

“I knew I needed a leadership coach to advance my career. I went from a first time manager, to a director by working with Lynsey and learning how to motivate my people, speak in a language they could understand and rally us all toward the same goal.”

— CFO of a mid-size organization in Phoenix, AZ

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