Let's get personal, shall we?
I'm Lynsey

As an Elite Coach, my passion lies in helping people get clear on their goals, develop an impactful communication strategy, and forward with confidence & excitement!

For the past 25+ years, I’ve witnessed my clients take their teams to new levels of success, skyrocket their personal performance using my proprietary communication strategy, and transform their own lives from a place of ho-hum drudgery to all-around fulfillment.

I’ve worked with everyone from big companies (such as Wells Fargo and Nationwide Insurance) to individual smart, successful professionals to clarify their goals, align their values, set a meaningful destination, and develop a clear, step-by-step path forward. 

I get so much joy from working with clients who seek clarity and have the drive to put a plan in place toward achieving their ambitious goals.

Over the years, I’ve held many roles & worn many hats...

I’ve been a leader (C-suite executive, entrepreneur, and speaker) and I’ve been a nurturer (wife, mom to 4 high energy boys, and an elite coach) – so I completely understand how difficult it is to find balance and direction amid the chaos of day-to-day life.

In fact, it’s my desire to share the lessons I have learned, about juggling the balls of life, with others who find themselves in the same situation – a ‘how to manual’ to fast track and excel using the same communication strategy I developed through years of executive coaching in the corporate world.

As a certified Elite Coach, I help others activate their potential to achieve their dreams and change their lives.  

I leverage both my workplace and life experience to move people toward their purpose, accomplish even the most “pie in the sky” goals, and kick any obstacles out of the way in the process!  

My talents have been used to help countless individuals and organizations move to the next level, no matter where they are or what problems they’re dealing with at the start.

I’m a well-respected expert with decades of strategic planning, execution and leadership development experience in several fortune 100 companies.

I’ve spent my career developing frameworks to successfully leverage my knowledge toward creating custom-tailored solutions that match each of my clients’ unique situations.

Whether you’re looking for career advancement, a more harmonious work / life balance, or forward-thinking strategic planning for your organization, I’ve got what it takes to make your big goals a reality.

Ready to experience this powerful communication strategy for yourself?

“My goal was to become a director and I knew I didn’t have all the tactical skills I needed to get there. Lynsey was able to share an executive view and guide me to create the thought leadership skills and communication strategy I needed to be ready for the director role – and I did it!  Promotion in hand.”

— Corporate Director based in DES MOINES, IA

“After just a few sessions I felt like I was 80% of the way to my goal… and to think I had been spinning for 3 years before working with Lynsey.”

— Private coaching client based In FREDERICK, MD

“I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and felt like I was failing at everything I was doing. I didn’t like being at work anymore and didn’t have any energy at home. In the first session I learned how out of alignment I was with my values – after that session I was able to develop a confident communication strategy to start to establish boundaries for a more balanced life.”

— Overworked mom from San Francisco, CA