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Team Alignment & Strategic Planning Process

“I spent 2 years trying to understand my business environment, how to improve my communication, and get a grasp on my team dynamics – Lynsey’s strategic planning process helped us get a grasp on where we are and where we want to be.  We implemented change immediately and I could see the team dynamics start to shift – positively!”

— director of production based in dallas, tx

I help small to midsize organizations create leadership teams that deliver powerful results through my tried-and-tested strategic planning process.

As an executive decision-maker, you’ve already worked hard to build a company that makes a difference in the world. The fact that you’re here right now means that you care about your company, your employees, and want to see people build successful careers – not just “do their job.”

But you know there’s room for improvement, and it’s possible that you’re struggling to pinpoint your problem areas that may be holding your organization back, or keeping you from hitting your projected growth metrics.

Most of my clients come to me with one or more of these core issues…

No matter what brought you here, it is clear you are committing to fixing problem areas and moving your company into a new era of success, impact, and growth.

You need a strategic planning process that works.

Hi, I’m Lynsey.

Over the years, I’ve held many roles and worn many hats, from C-suite executive to entrepreneur, speaker, and leadership coach. I’ve experienced all the ups and downs that come with managing a corporate team, but have also seen the massive impact that bringing in an outside consultant can make. 

What I’m offering you is, plain and simple, a shortcut. 

I know from experience that as an executive, you can’t be expected to know all the answers. Most of the time you really ARE too close to your problems (and too busy) to see the best solutions.

For the past 25+ years, I’ve honed my strategic planning process by working with companies such as Wells Fargo, Principal, and Nationwide Insurance to develop stronger leaders, redefine core values, clarify their goals, and develop a path forward that generates powerful results. 

I offer guidance, tools, training, and proven strategies that have seen huge success in the workplace, all so you can experience these same results for yourself.

Here’s how I help organizations like yours:

Team building is a key component of Lynsey Mulder's strategic planning process

Team building & professional development

Business leadership development is a key component of Lynsey Mulder's strategic planning process

Business & leadership development

Company communication and training is a key part of Lynsey's strategic planning process

Company communication & Training

Strategic Planning Process

My customized strategic planning process is designed to help you accelerate your company’s trajectory using a tried-and-true framework developed over years of experience from both inside and outside of the corporate world.



Together we analyze where your company is now, the systems you’ve implemented so far, and a check against the competition


Strategic Direction

We figure out which direction you WANT to go in your business, the values and behaviors you will maintain along the path, and lay out your vision for the future


Focused Goals

We partner with your team to define and prioritize goals your team will focus on to march toward your vision



We identify the necessary resources, create an actionable plan, establish timeframes, and layout a complete path to successful execution. 



Together we craft a communication plan, define a system to track and measure progress, and empower the team to execute 


Annual Alignment

Scheduling an annual checkpoint will allow you to reflect on the past year, assess the current state and modify your roadmap as needed.

Here are some of the results you can expect:

Ready to get the ball rolling?

“Lynsey’s hands-on strategic planning process not only created a strategic plan for our team, it brought us all together. We are now speaking the same language, focused on the same goals, and are in agreement for the first time in years on the direction we are going.”


What's Included?

Every engagement is tailored to fit the unique needs of your business – starting where you are.  We partner to define success using a combination of proven templates, tools, and success exercises to expedite your progress.  

On-site, dedicated, customized sessions with executives and key decision makers within your organization to craft your plan.  Our goal is to provide an objective viewpoint, help you think outside the box, and empower you to work through some of your toughest strategic decisions.

Your plan will be crafted specifically for you to meet you and your company goals. For some that is a full strategic planning suit of tools, for others that may be Elite coaching with the executive team. 

Who will get the most benefit from strategic planning?

Who is this strategic planning process NOT intended to serve?

If you see yourself in this list, then consider Elite Coaching HERE!

See for yourself how our strategic planning process can accelerate the growth of your organization: