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Leadership Development

“My team was in chaos, not hitting our numbers, and I was at a loss. I did an assessment with Lynsey, figured out the skills I needed to hone in on and put a plan in place.  Now I know how to communicate so my team can hear me, my meetings have improved, and even the owner of the company told me he can see a difference in how I am leading my team.”

— Director of engineering based in ankeny, ia

Leadership development is the #1 key to achieving success in any organization

It helps individuals become more effective and builds confidence throughout the company. Leadership is a critical skill set in any profession to inspire, motivate, and engage teams. We build leaders who then build high-performing teams that work together more efficiently, increase positive communication, and create a collaborative environment. They drive toward delivery, execution, and team productivity.

Let’s embark on a journey to empower and educate your leaders together! We will help build your leadership skills, no matter the size of your group. We offer both in-person and virtual training, for groups of all sizes, and we use a variety of assessment tools for 360-degree feedback, behavioral styles, and teamwork productivity assessments – all tailored to meet your individual or organizational needs. With our help, you and your team will gain the knowledge and confidence to lead with success. Invest in your team and let’s get started on this amazing journey!

Hi, I'm Lynsey.

Over the years, I’ve held many roles and worn many hats, from C-suite executive to entrepreneur, speaker, and leadership coach. I’ve experienced all the ups and downs that come with managing a corporate team, but have also seen the massive impact that bringing in an outside consultant can make. 

For the past 25+ years, I’ve worked with companies such as Wells Fargo, Principal, and Nationwide Insurance to develop stronger leaders, redefine core values, help clarify their goals, and develop a path forward that generates powerful results. 

I offer guidance, tools, training, and proven strategies that have seen huge success in the workplace, all so you can experience these same results for yourself.

“I was thrown into leadership and didn’t have a clue what to do. My company didn’t offer any training.  I went through leadership training with Lynsey and now know I am equipped to lead my team.  It would have taken me years to learn all of this where I work.”

— New Leader based in Iowa City, IA

Common results our clients experience:

Company communication and training is a key part of Lynsey's strategic planning process

Better communication

More effective communication with both executives and team members, connecting with impact

Team building is a key component of Lynsey Mulder's strategic planning process

Team Building

Increased trust and collaboration through relationship building and ownership of personal accountability

Business leadership development is a key component of Lynsey Mulder's strategic planning process

Identify Strengths

Acceptance of diverse segments, talents, and an awareness of how to maximize each team memeres strengths

Become an empowered leader with leadership coach Lynsey Mulder

Loyal Team Members

Feeling valued drives increased loyalty to the company investing in their personal development, resulting in decreased turnover

“Lynsey is great at listening to the need and customizing her approach based on that need.  she asks very thoughtful questions and is not afraid to push a little when needed to help those she’s consulting with move forward. She provides near-term assistance and also gives those she’s consulting with tools and techniques they can carry with them to sustain the progress they have made.”


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