Start Dreaming to Energize Yourself


Easy right? No! It isn’t… What happened?

I was excited for the conference segment, Big Dream Gathering, but when the time came – I froze!

Our instructions were simple – write your dream at the top of the paper, then list what you already have to reach the dream, and what you still need. When you have that done, tape it to the wall for other attendees to jot down encouragement and advice.

People around me were going to town, writing dream after dream! My mind was blank. Frustrating! I am a go getter, I have aspirations… why can’t I think of something to put on the paper!

I gave up and started touring the room. I added tips, uplifting notes, and connection suggestions to everyone else’s dreams. It was rewarding but what happened to mine?

I realized that, lately, I hadn’t left space in my mind to dream. My daily habits had become about making decisions at work, battling the red tape, running the kiddos around, paying the bills…. Juggling all the hats I wear and the balls in constant motion.

So, what does this have to do with leadership? EVERYTHING.

Richard Montanez, a janitor at a Frito-Lay plant, had a dream to make a unique snack flavor. He experimented with unseasoned Cheetos, some chili powder, and spices – creating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos – one of the most successful and popular snacks the company ever made!

Jeff Bezos had a dream of expanding his small online book store to the world’s largest online retailer providing an expansive selection and fingertip convenience for everyone – now it is the largest influential company in the world. You may have heard of it – Amazon .com.

Team members who dream change companies – new products, new ways to serve customers, creative solutions, and so much more. There is a ripple effect of an energized culture that loves to engage and share ideas. (Bonus- this is the same impact at home too)

So, how do you dream? if you’re like me and have struggled lately with dreaming, maybe feeling a little stuck in the day to day. Here are 3 quick strategies to open your mind to dreaming again:

#1 Brain Dump

Days are filled with unintentional activities, habits we have formed over time. Wake up, brush teeth, shower, drink coffee… you get the jest. Set time aside to intentionally dream.

Set an alarm for just 15 minutes, clear your mind, and write down every dream you can think of! Ask yourself, “if money and time were no object – what would I do?”

Don’t get caught up in semantics of “is it a goal or is it a dream,” just start dreaming now – yes, I did that too!! Just write it down, you can sort out the details later.

#2 Time Travel

Take a trip back to your 20’s, not for your health or energy – but for your dreams. Right out of high school or college you had big dreams… the next career, the new city to live in, an instrument to play, places to travel….

I remember sitting in a coffee shop with my friends the week before graduation.I boldly told them I planned to get a job out of state and save money for a trip to Europe to start seeing the world.

Add them to your list. Cross off the completed dreams (if you are a checklist kind of person you will LOVE this!) Maybe your list is complete, well done. You’re creating a habit to allow your mind to dream by just remembering.

#3 Listen for the Heart Thumpers

Every single time I see a small child in need, my heart races. I want to hug them and give them everything they need. I saw a Bansi exhibit at the State Fair this summer, I spent hours looking at them – heart thumper! When I meet a mom juggling work and a successful career but feeling stuck, oh – I can’t wait to help her.

This week, pay attention to the things that get your heart thumping. What gets you excited? What do you stop and listen to or pause to watch? What are the opportunities at work that excite you? As you recognize the, add them to the list.

Next, Choose one dream to get started on! Make a plan and activate. Don’t be alarmed when your energized and your motivated to action. One more tip – Share your dream with others who will help you get there!

Okay, you heard a few of my dreams in this blog. I want to hear yours – Drop me a note and share!

If you are still stuck, or not sure what to do now that you have a dream picked, schedule a call with me to talk about your dreams and set an action plan. I can’t wait to see how your dreams will energize you!

Learn 6 Strategies to Build Powerful Workplace Relationships

Get 6 Strategies to Build Powerful Workplace Relationships

Learn my IMPACT Formula to communicate with confidence & clarity: created especially for women leaders navigating corporate teams.
Get 6 Strategies to Build Powerful Workplace Relationships
Learn my IMPACT Formula to communicate with confidence & clarity: created especially for women leaders navigating corporate teams.